Thursday, June 19, 2014

Perpetual Detour • Little By Little

Perpetual Detour - Little By Little photo PD_Little007_zpsb2dc7ee2.jpg Perpetual Detour - Little By Little photo PD_Little004_zps9db8bdd2.jpg
Perpetual Detour - Little By Little photo PD_Little006_zps92764d61.jpg Perpetual Detour - Little By Little photo PD_Little005_zpsc021d375.jpg
Clockwise: AJ LeBlanc, Meagan Lanchbery, Jennifer Stewart, and Ro Gionet.

I first discovered the music of Perpetual Detour when judging the RightOutTV Music and Video Awards, when they charmed me with their music video for "What If It Was You?", a great song with a video featuring stop-action and Legos! The Canadian band includes guitarist AJ LeBlanc, keyboardist and vocalist Meagan Lanchbery, percussionist Jennifer Stewart, and bassist Ro Gionet. So I was very excited when the ladies Tweeted me about their mew music video for their first single off the new album, 'Tired of the Scenery'.

Perpetual Detour - Little By Little photo PD_Little002_zps212de40d.jpg Perpetual Detour - Little By Little photo PD_Little003_zpsd7038d3c.jpg
Perpetual Detour - Little By Little photo PD_Little001_zpsd41f73b9.jpg Perpetual Detour - Tired of the Scenery photo PerpetualDetourTiredoftheSceneryCOVER_zps13a66d45.jpg

The new album came out at the beginning of this month, with "Little By Little" as the first single. The song is a Bluesy Rocker, melding the vocals of Meagan with AJ, creating a new harmony. The song and music video addresses issues of addiction. It also features images of lesbians in both intimate and casual situations, something rarely seen in the main stream media. We get to see women as friends, partners and lovers, and all taking a proactive role in their lives. While the entire band can be seen in the video, it is AJ who takes center stage. I hope you enjoy "Little By Little" by erpetual Detour.

I think the song and video just rocked it out, and am pleased to have it on my iPod. "Little By Little" is the first single off the album 'Tired of the Scenery', which can be purchased from iTunes and CD Baby. To find out more about Perpetual Detour, check out the official website. You can also 'follow' them on Twitter and 'like' them on Facebook.


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