Saturday, June 7, 2014

Buzzcocks • Everybody's Happy Nowadays

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The 1979 single by the Buzzcocks, the UK Punk band I remember so very well. I discovered them in 1979, with the purchase of the album 'Singles Going Steady', a compilation of songs from their first few albums. Sadly, the band could not hold together too much longer, for they went their separate ways in 1981 after battles with the record label. At the core of the band was Pete Shelley, the talented and creative lead singer and songwriter. He was joined in the band by Steve Diggle on guitar and vocals, Steve Garvey on bass, and John Maher on drums. "Everybody's Happy Nowadays" broke into the UK Top 30, pretty cool for a Punk band. This is the Buzzcocks with "Everybody's Happy Nowadays".

After the band broke up, Shelley went solo, changing from Punk Rock to Electronica. He had a big hit with "Homosapien", despite the fact it was banned by the BBC. Apparently, it was blacklisted for "explicit reference to gay sex", e.g. the words "homo superior / in my interior". It also gave Shelley a chance to openly talk about his own bisexuality, which created a bit of a stir in the early 1980s. You can purchase 'Singles Going Steady' from iTunes and Amazon. I still love this album today.

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