Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Jimmy Somerville • Small Town Boy 2014

Jimmy Somerville - Small Touwn Boy 2014 photo STB2014_004_zps6ab5a69e.jpg
Jimmy Somerville - Small Touwn Boy 2014 photo STB2014_001_zps2514e769.jpg Jimmy Somerville - Small Touwn Boy 2014 photo STB2014_002_zpse911169d.jpg

Sometimes, I hear certain things and take a second to absorb it. This is most certainly the case when I saw this was the 30th anniversary "Small Town Boy", the brilliant song by the Bronski Beat off their seminal album, 'Age of Consent'. Only, in the original release, it was known as "Smalltown Boy". It reminded me I have been a fan of lead singer Jimmy Somerville, whose career I have followed from Bronski Beat to The Communards to his solo work, always making me thrilled to buy the album, and eager to buy the next. His latest is no exception to that rule.

Jimmy Somerville - Small Touwn Boy 2014 photo STB2014_003_zps802cb1df.jpg Jimmy Somerville - Small Touwn Boy 2014 photo JimmySomervilleSmallTownBoyCOVER_zps8a1172a4.jpg

To mark the 30th anniversary of "Small Town Boy", Jimmy has recorded a new version, proving the song to be just as amazing in 2014 as it was in 1984. In the anniversary version, it is just Jimmy and a piano, and it adds a stunning new texture to the song. The song was written by the band, meaning Jimmy, Steve Bronski and Larry Steinbachek, taking a look at the life of young gays in 1980s Britain. Whether they realized it or not, the song touch gays across the globe, all who felt the sting of bullying, rejection, and persecution at some point in their lives. This is Jimmy Somerville with "Small Town Boy 2014".

Not only is Jimmy looking great, he still sounds remarkable. I still look and listen with awe as he effortlessly hits notes many couldn't dream of singing. He sounds every bit as bold as strong 30 years later, and I would love to hear him perform this live. You can purchase "Small Town Boy 2014" from iTunes and Amazon. To learn more about Jimmy, visit his official website. You can also 'like' him on Facebook.

Jimmy Somerville - Small Touwn Boy 2014 photo STB2014_005_zpsd01e314d.jpg


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