Sunday, June 29, 2014

Chely Wright • Heavenly Days

Chely Wright photo chely_wright-glaad_media_awards_zps5375bbb9.jpg

I thought I would offer everyone a beautiful song this Sunday morning, both artistically and spiritually fitting the Sabbath. In 2010, Country singer/songwriter Chely Wright performed at the Glaad Media Awards in San Fransisco, California, after the talented lady had come out, the first big name performer in Country music to do so. She performed "Heavenly Days", a great track off the album 'Lifted Off the Ground'. Wrigth was joined on stage by Rodney Crowell, who was a great support for her. This is Chely singing "Heavenly Days".

I have to say, "Heavenly Days" is one of my favorites off the album, but the whole album is pretty special. You can purchase 'Lifted Off the Ground' from iTunes and Amazon. You can also purchase the documentary 'Wish Me Away' from Amazon,  and also from the artist's website. For more about Chely, visit her official website. You can also "follow" her on Twitter, and 'like' her on Facebook.


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