Thursday, June 14, 2012

We The Ghost • The Absolute Best of Tulsa

We The Ghost, Beau Tyler, Dain Samuelson, Jimmy Dean Adams, Matt McHan, Kris Stone, and Branjae Jackson

The good-looking people above are none other than the Oklahoma-based We The Ghost, the indie-rock group who have been nominated for seven awards in the Urban Tulsa Weekly Music Run-Off Ballot for the Absolute Best in Tulsa Awards. The band is made up of Beau Tyler, Dain Samuelson, Jimmy Dean Adams, Matt McHan, Kris Stone, and Branjae Jackson, and they have released two EPs so far. My Mixtape Summer was out at the beginning of the year, and there was also the recent live collection, Live On 97.5 KMOD, recorded during a live appearance on the rock station in Tulsa. They've had live dates in Oklahoma and Texas, including a big date at Rocklahoma 2012. Pictures and video clips from that show are featured in this video, along with the track off My Mixtape Summer, "She's Gonna Fly".

The band has been nominated in the following categories for the Urban Tulsa Weekly:
3. Album of the Year
5. Band of the Year
12. Female Vocalist of the Year (Branjae Jackson)
14. Indie Rock Band
21. Male Vocalist of the Year (Beau Tyler)
28. Newcomer Of The Year
29. Song Of The Year

I voted for them, and it only took me a couple of minutes. To save time, you can just vote on the categories listed above, and forget the rest. To vote for We The Ghost, go to The Absolute Best of Tulsa website here. Voting closes Monday, June 18, at 5PM Central Daylights Time. Need more encouragement? Check out this video from the KMOD live session, for the song "Reasons".

For more about We The Ghost, visit their official website here. You can purchase My Mixtape Summer on iTunes, Bandcamp, or Amazon. You can still score a FREE DOWNLOAD of the Live On 97.5 KMOD EP on Bandcamp. And don't forget to VOTE!

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