Thursday, April 3, 2014

Theo • When You're Not Around

Theo - When You're Not Around photo TheoWhenYoureNotAroundCOVER_zps139e680b.jpg

You wanna know what can make me crazy? Yes, I know that is a long list, but at this moment, it is finding a great song and not being able to buy it yet! And such is the case when I first heard "When You're Not Around" by Theo, the Canadian singer/songwriter who simply made me drive to Toronto to hear him performing live a couple of years ago. I was excited when Theo alerted fans to tune into 104.5 CHUM FM, and that is when I first heard the song, and had me cursing at iTunes and Amazon. Well, allow me to introduce the song to you. This is the Pop confection that is Theo singing "When You're Not Around".

No you understand what I mean, right? It is fun, upbeat, sweet and also so very clever. It is the fine songwriting I have come to expect from Theo when I first fell in love with his music when I first heard "Lazy Lovers" back in 2009. That song inspired me to order imported copies of the album, wait for each and every music video, and eventually to drive to Toronto in 2010 and catch his 'Taking It All Back' tour, and see him live three times while I was there! It is not often a handsome boy has enticed me to use my passport, and this is one guy who did. You can find the charming Theo on social media, where you can 'like' him on Facebook, and 'follow' him on Twitter. And maybe, if you have a friend in Canada, you might be able to convince someone to purchase it and email it to you. This is a must-have song for my musical collection, and should be for your iPod as well! You can also see if you can catch it on Chum FM, which you can hear here. You can also request the song on the website, as well as via Twitter.

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