Friday, June 26, 2009

June 27, 1967 - Stonewall Riots

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Lucian K. Truscott IV offers up his first-hand account of what went on the night of the Stonewall Riots. The writer was on his way to the Lion's Head, a hangout for journalists just a few doors down from the Stonewall Inn. You can read his account from the Thursday New York Times. There is also a copy of the article he wrote in the Village Voice from 1969.

Post adapted from 365Gay.


  1. This is what Pride is all about after all. It is amazing that the Stonewall is still there. But when I go up to New York I always like to go there and have a drink with David. It's a very welcoming place.

  2. A million years ago when I was a wee lass first visiting NYC- I sojourned to Stonewall to pay homage and honor to those who walked those streets before me and laid the foundation for the civil rights we ALL benefit from today.

    BTW - looking forward to having a moment to check out your health center and its work!!!

  3. FYI - having trouble posting comments- loved your Pansy Division post and commented but it was a no show

  4. Pretty much defines Pride, doesn't it, Maddie?

    Zombie, thanks for stopping by, sorry about the trouble with comments - will check it out.



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