Sunday, June 14, 2009

Pride - I Am What I Am

I remember marching in the Gay Pride Parade while living in NYC, singing along to the Gloria Gaynor version of I Am What I Am while walking down the Fifth Avenue. It was the 80s, and we took the opportunity to be loud and proud. So, to celebrate Gay Pride Month, I thought it would be great fun to bring back this classic. Only, instead of using the version of the great Diva, why not use a version by a great gay man? That man is John Barrowman.

I am a huge fan of Barrowman, a wonderful singer and actor, an out and proud gay man. He entered into a civil partnership with his longtime lover, Scott Gill, in 2006. He currently stars in one of my favorite TV shows, Torchwood, having the hottest scenes with Ianto, played by the adorable Gareth David-Lloyd. Torchwood begins the third season on July 20th on BBCAmerica. In the opening of Season 2, Barrowman had a great scene with James Marsters [formerly Spike on Buffy, The Vampire Slayer].

Barrowman utilized the great voice of another out British actor, Daniel Boys, on recent tours, and they sang I Knew Him So Well from the musical Chess. [Boys has just released a CD I hope to get in the mail shortly and be able to review]

So, happy Pride, everyone!


  1. I love me ALOT of John Barrowman and Torchwood. And months ago Out Magazine did a really good story of John. That's when a found out he too was a singer. He is very talented. And welcome to the blogosphere-FINALLY! I think your concept of music is wonderful. I haven't seen many of blogs featuring music. See ya in the comments handsome


  2. Maddie, it is so sweet of you to come and visit! I am a Barrowman junkie, with Torchwood DVDs, episodes of Doctor Who, his CDs, and a DVD of the musical revue he did with Carol Burnett. And also the autobiography. Yeah, I need a 12-step program. Anyway, hope you enjoy the blog. Mwah!

  3. I remember watching my first Pride Parade (probably around 1990) and hearing Gloria Gaynor's "I Am What I Am" about every 15 minutes.

    Great blog ... keep it up!


  4. Just stopping by via David's blog. Welcome to Blogtropolis!

  5. Thank you, Beth. Thank Gawd David is helping me, because Blogtropolis is big, and I need a GPS.

  6. Wow!
    i have always loved Barrowman, and to hear him sing "I Am What I Am" was just a treat!
    Thanks for that.
    But then to throw on "I Know Him So Well," well, you just made my day!
    Thanks so much for posting these.
    Love them!

    Oh, yeah, and welcome to the Blogiverse.

  7. Bob, glad I could make your day. I adore Barrowman, and have quite the fondness for Daniel Boys, so I had to work the song from 'Chess' in.

  8. Thank you, WonderMan, and a very happy pride to you.



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