Sunday, June 28, 2009

Great Music - Jay Brannan

Jay Brannan

I have been a big fan of Jay Brannnan for a bit now. His voice is just beautiful and his songs are smart and often funny. Who could ask for more? Oh, yeah, he is also a handsome man. Jay is a singer/songwriter/actor based out of NYC, and has made a name for himself by taking his music to the people, performing his own music in YouTube videos and garnering a fanbase. His music is unlike anyone else I listen to, so I have no comparisons to make. Jay is about to release a new CD next month, In Living Cover, a followup to the fantastic Goddamned CD. He also released the EP Unmastered. He currently has The Freshman out on iTunes, where it debutted at #2 on the Folk charts, behind the seemingly unstoppable Tracy Chapman.

He is currently touring, and will be appearing in Philly at the World Cafe Live! on July 10th, and I am hoping to make it there. There is also a show in Annapolis on the 9th that is a possibility. I had seen Jay in Philly last year, and he was brilliant. He has sold out shows all across the globe, including recent trips to Australia, Europe and the Middle East. He has been known to learn a new language or a song, singing a lovely Molly Malone in Ireland, Housewife became Femme Au Foyer in Paris, and so on.

Jay Brannan

Jay has appeared in the movies Shortbus and Holding Trevor. Much like his music, his characters have been smart and amusing. In Shortbus, he sang the charming Soda Shop, which can be seen here.

You can find out more about Jay at his website. Go there and buy his music, or get it from iTunes or Amazon. It will be worth it. There are also some fun t-shirts to purchase.

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