Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Latest Purchase: Casey Stratton

As I set up this beast, I am listening to singer/songwriter Casey Stratton’s release, Standing At The Edge. Casey has a gorgeous voice so crisp and clarion clear. He maintains this technical brilliance while delivering the emotional value. The first track, ‘For Reasons Unexplained’ is a perfect example. His voice maintains the melody, but pushes beyond it to the core of the uncertainty, the angst.

Casey just released a new offering, Altered States: Remixes Volume One, with Electronica/Dance versions of some of his songs. One of my personal favorites is ‘Sacrifice [Ritual Mix]’, with an interesting tribal feel, with a drum line that reminds me of Native American music, at times verging on a Middle-Eastern sound, and an orchestration with a Celtic feel to the reeds. His voice is strong and full, adding to the haunting mix, yet remains urgent with the chorus. ‘You are your own sacrifice.’

‘Violet Room [Ultraviolet Mix]’ has this interesting synthesizer line that is somewhat reminiscent of Depeche Mode, the beat much more driving and dance oriented. The song maintains the 80s influence while keeping a current air about it. ‘Opaline’[Falsified Life Mix] is another strong track, laying down a textured dance beat and allowing Casey’s vocal to soar and glide. ‘Blood [Little Flood Mix]’ is one of two mixes for the song, and it combines the dense club sound alternating with a more sparing and clean feel, adding a dark texture.

I am a new fan of Casey’s, having discovered his work on the web. I actually asked him on Twitter what to buy first, and he ever so kindly suggested Standing At The Edge. He must be right, because listening to it made me a real fan.


  1. I'm gonna have to check him out. I love finding new music...and this one looks just your type!!! ;)

    and look at My Howard....he's got himself a blog! WOOHOO!!!!! and honey, you ARE interesting enough for a blog.,...believe me.


  2. Thanks, Beth. I do blame you. LOL

    Who knows, I just might get the hang of this. Or just might bore everyone to tears.



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