Monday, June 29, 2009

New Video - Gene Dante & The Future Starlets

gene dante

Gene Dante and the Future Starlets are set to release their first CD, The Romantic Lead. The band came together in 2007, formed around the talents of lead singer Gene Dante. He is not only the nucleus of the band, but also the songwriter behind the endeavor. Lyrically, the song is smart and real.

The music is definitely current, but presented with a definite nod to the past. On the first single, A Madness to his Method, Dante's vocals harken to those of David Bowie, circa Thin White Duke era, crooning in that over-the-top style, but they are layered over music that is very now. His performance style seems an homage to Freddie Mercury, an in your face confidence which exudes, unlike the Thin White Duke's aloof coolness. He is no reluctant frontman, that is for sure.

gene dante gene dante

A Madness To His Method, the first video release, is an anthem for the ages, the outcast giving the finger to the world. 'There is nothing in this brave new world wrong with me,' the chorus tells us, while be watch a young man apply makeup to his flawless skin. Dante himself is singing in the video in a tuxedo and full warpaint, eyes well painted and his lips a deep red, even while his bow tie dangles and the collar lays open. He's not diseased, not broken, just different. 'I am gorgeous, I am finally free,' he tells us, not letting society hold him down.

There is also C Star, which starts with a scorching guitar lick reminiscent of the pop rock of the 80s and Pat Benatar, only followed with the voice of Bowie and the phrasing of Lou Reed. This song would be toying with an 'X' rating, but the intelligence and humor might deliver the 'R.' The video, however, is not safe for most office situations, but well worth a look once you get home. Click HERE to see it.

The Young Starlets are comprised of drummer Tamora Gooding, bassist Jim Collins, and guitarist Scott Patalano. You can find out more about Gene Dante and the Future Starlets at their website.


  1. I just read this over at David's blog, and you can see my full comment there. In short, I thought the song "C Star" was fantastic! Very danceable, cool vibe...I'll be watching for that CD. Good job!

  2. Fiercest.MusicEditor.Ever.


  3. Thanks, Beth, glad you like it.

    You are too kind, Bunny-Boss.




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