Friday, June 19, 2009

Live Music - Tom Goss & Jake Walden

tom goss,Jake Walden

I am near giddy at this point, getting ready to go hear some live music. Tonight I will be going to a show in Washington DC to see Tom Goss and Jake Walden. Feels like it has been so long, but it has only been a couple of months. In fact, Tom was the last two shows I attended. I love that guy.

tom goss,Blog

I am going with my niece and her friend. Mandy often joins me in these adventures, whether it is to see Tom, Eric Himan, Nickelback, Stain'd or The Cure. Yes, are tastes our somewhat eclectic.

Jake Walden

I saw Jake on tour last fall, part of the Rock The Folk Out tour with Tom and Stewart Lewis. That was a great show, and I bet tonight will be a great show as well. I am bringing the camera, so I hope to have some pictures to share.


  1. I hope you enjoyed the show! They aren't to bad on the eyes either!

  2. The show tonight is being taped for a DVD release, so I'll let you know if you should think about ordering it. And yes, both are very handsome men.



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