Friday, August 1, 2014

Double Feature • Non-Love-Song & Blooming

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Top: Scene from 'Non-Love-Song'. Bottom: Scene from 'Blooming'.

Tonight, the Date Night Double Feature takes a look at love. Well, young love, to be more specific. We can all remember what it was like then we were young and afraid to let our heart go from in our chest to on our sleeve. The first short for tonight it 'Non-Love-Song', a film that was written, directed and produced by Erik Gernand. It featured the acting talents of Joe Sinopoli and Lawrence Kern. It reminds us that there are all kinds of love out there, and not all of it ends up with teenagers in bed. While it might not be easy, sometimes we just have to tell our friends we love them. This is Erik Gernand's 'Non-Love-Song'.

'Blooming' was directed and produced by Harrison J. Bahe, who wrote it with Aeryn Moridae. Last year, I posted a double feature of shorts by Bahe, 'The Favor' and 'The Favor 2', both about the problems brought on by a failure to communicate. (you can find them here.) Where both those films made me laugh out loud, this one is more heartwarming. It stars the talented duo of Shanae Styles and Sammi Pechman. The soundtrack also features the wonderful song "Bright Nights" by Absent Akridge. The short takes a look at what happens when two people can truly communicate, and share a bit of themselves with another. I certainly hope you enjoy Harrison J. Bahe's 'Blooming'.

Have a great weekend!

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