Saturday, August 2, 2014

Neil Diamond • Cherry Cherry

Neil Diamond - Hot August Night photo NeilDiamondHot-August-Night_zpsca06b9b8.jpg

I was trying to figure out the way to mark the new month, and to celebrate it. Then it came to me. In 1972, Neil Diamond released a double-album set, recorded live in August of 1972. 'Hot August Night' was recorded during a 10-night stand at The Greek Theater in Los Angeles, where Neil rocked hard the whole time. I remember listening to my sister playing this album, and enjoying it. Here is Neil singing "Cherry, Cherry", his hit song from 1966. Like all the songs from the live show save one, it was written by Diamond.

It is hard to believe that the album is now 42 years old. You can purchase 'Hot August Night' from iTunes and Amazon. That way, you can celebrate one of many Hot August Nights, with the music cranked up real loud. And singing along!

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