Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Tom Goss • Fancy (Iggy Azalea cover)

Tom Goss - Fancy photo TG_Fancy007_zps40558054.jpg
Tom Goss - Fancy photo TG_Fancy002_zps5169b1ed.jpg Tom Goss - Fancy photo TG_Fancy003_zpsb2ac1935.jpg Tom Goss - Fancy photo TG_Fancy001_zps4bac63ac.jpg
Tom Goss - Fancy photo TG_Fancy005_zps3d7b959c.jpg Tom Goss - Fancy photo TG_Fancy004_zps5aa5f8db.jpg Tom Goss - Fancy photo TG_Fancy006_zps7ee6b652.jpg

You can say a lot of things about Tom Goss, like how he is immensely talented, strikingly handsome and astonishingly versatile. But something you can never say is that Tom is boring. You see, he always seems to be pushing himself, and moving in directions even a rabid fan like myself would not see coming. From style to costume to substance, Tom will find a way to surprise me. And with his latest music video, he has done it again. Tom takes on "Fancy", the hit from Australian Rapper Iggy Azalea and English singer-songwriter Charli XCX. Tom doesn't have any help, aside from himself and some great equipment. His creativity and talent shine, especially when he releases his Wisconsin gangster with a joyous spirit. His performance was captured beautifully by Aram Vartian, who shot, directed and edited the video. The two wrok well together, for Aram has been on the creative team for most of Tom's videos. This is Tom Goss with "Fancy", the Iggy Izalea cover.

Tom has made this single available for FREE on his Facebook page. You better believe I got my copy, and it went directly into my August playlist. I can guarantee you I will be listening to it for the rest of the summer! To learn more about Tom, visit his official website. You can also follow him on Twitter, or like him on Facebook. You should check out his latest album, 'Wait', released this past May. You can preview and purchase it from iTunes, CD Baby, and Amazon. You can also buy the physical CD from Tom's online store.

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