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SyFy's Being Human * Always A Bridesmaid, Never Alive'

This is Being Human Season 3 Episode 11 of the SyFy Channel's version of the great series first produced on the BBC. Since the early episodes of the series, the SyFy version, set in Boston, Massachusetts, found a narrative of its own, allowing the ghost, the vampire, and the werewolf to step out of the shadowy constraints of the British original and find a life of their own. I love both series!

SyFy's Being Human Season 3 Episode 12 photo BeingHumanUSS03E12_0003_zps2680347c.jpg
Left to right: Sam Huntington, Meaghan Rath, and Sam Witwer, aka Josh, Sally, and Aiden.

Last week, we were left hanging as Aiden was turning Kenny in the basement of the house. Sally had gone to the funeral home to say goodbye to sexy Max, before heading over to visit with Ilana. She was the psychic who tried to exorcise Sally out of the house, and later directed Josh and Nora to the witch, Donna Gilchrist. After the visit, Donna sent a henchman over to check out what they were up to. Ilana didn't tell him anything, and was was killed by the henchman, Ray. Josh and Nora were planning their wedding, hoping to make sure to have Sally with them, before she is overcome by the desire to eat live human flesh. And Josh was still recovering from his bachelor party, when he was attacked by a vampire stripper, who was dispatched by Aiden with a wooden spike. That threw Josh's sister in a tizzy, getting on her last lesbian nerve. With only two more episodes remaining this season, the action continues to come at us at a breakneck speed, and I can't wait to find out what is happening tonight.

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The episode begins with shot of a naked body on a table, marked to butchered on a table, It is Sally, looking nervous as witch Donna Gilchrist, who is sharpening her knives. Sally wakes up from this nightmare, and chants the spell Ilana told her she needed to fight Donna. Cut to Aiden, crouching in a corner of the basement, nervously waiting for Kenny to wake up. Josh is awake in bed, looking like a wounded puppy. Nora wakes up, and they discuss the upcoming wedding. Nora doesn't need a big wedding, just the wolf she loves. Back in the basement, Aiden grows more anxious, and chains up Kenny's feet. Nora and Josh come downstairs to find the living room decorated for a wedding, with a bridal Chuppah. Nora is moved, and Josh admits it wasn't he who decorated. They go to the kitchen, and find Aiden cooking, after having decorated the living room. Seems Aiden will be the officiate, decorator, and caterer for the wedding. With a knock on the door, Nora is surprised with the appearance of Kat, her bestie. But Kat is hurt, for after making love to Kat, Aiden left before she woke up. While giving them room to talk, Nora goes upstairs to check in on Sally, who is nearing death, rotting from the inside out. Nora rushed downstairs, only to find Kat and Aiden kissing, having made up. But she calls him into the kitchen, and she, Josh and Aiden discuss what to do about their friend. Upstairs, they talk about what is to come, and Aiden insists on going through the door with Sally, and fighting Donna. Josh goes downstairs to talk with Nora, upset. He fears they made the wrong decision to bring back Sally, but she knows what he is really saying - he is going with Aiden to help defeat the witch. Nora admits his loyalty is one of the reasons she decided to marry him in the first place, and will be the reason she will marry him the minute he returns.

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Up in Sally's room, Nora announces she has shopped for new outfits for Sally to die in, so she can love the outfit she is wearing when she comes back to haunt them again. But suddenly Sally feels weak, and tells Nora it is time. They are joined by Aiden and Josh, when she offers a necklace to Nora, as something borrowed for the wedding. They have a moment, and Josh apologizes for bringing her back, but she tells him it is worth it. She asks about dying, and Aiden tells her it is scary, but if she gives into it, all will be okay. She tells the boys she loves them, and had a blast with them. They are crying, and Sally takes her last breath.

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After a break, Sally is coming back as a ghost, and only Aiden can talk to her. He wants to arm up for the fight with Donna, so he puts his fist in her chest, and rips out her heart. Soon the door appears, and the trio go though it, leaving Nora alone. Through the door, Josh is with his wolf, while Revolutionary Aiden hears his son calling. Only Isaac is not as he remembers, and attacks him. Much like Josh's wolf. They wake up, and are in the soup kitchen, only run down and covered with debris. They hear a voice, and it is Ray. Josh will take him on, and sends Aiden and Sally to take on Donna. They get to the witch, who is feeling less than friendly with the pair. She goes straight for the knives, and Aiden cues Sally to repeat the incantation. Donna deflects whatever that was to do, and comes for her.

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Another commercial break comes, and it seems like the time between them is flying, with so much excitement in the show! But when they return, we are with Josh, who is being pursued by Ray. He tries to talk through the situation, announcing that the violence must stop. He tells him the killing is with him every day, and he sends what he can to his family. Ray comes for him. Back in the kitchen, the incantation seems to be having some effect on Donna, crumbling to the floor. Back with Josh, he seems to be getting the better of the fight, but then Ray transforms into his wolf. Suddenly, Donna is getting back up with Sally and Aiden, looking very aged, but still strong. Aiden seems ready to try something, only to be deflected and rendered unconscious on the floor. Back in the other room, Ray's wolf is attacking, and with a machete, Josh beheads the wolf, as well as the man. Donna is talking to Sally, telling her people can never resist seeking out the people from their past, and renegotiations are always going to happen, and she will always get the souls. Aiden wakes up, and puts Sally's heart into the fire. The flames seem to consume Donna, only she is able to control them, and throw them at Sally, who is engulfed in flames. She turns to Aiden, and tells him she loves him. She does the same to Josh, who has come in the room. She burns, and Donna breaks up her ashes, and Donna consumes them.

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Another commercial, and Donna is back to normal, being smug. But suddenly Donna begins to glow, and quickly explodes. The power of the trio seemed too much for the witch. Josh looks confused, and Aiden so very happy. He announces they have defeated her, and they are back in Sally's room, and she is with them. Both Aiden and Nora can see her, but Josh cannot, so he wants to postpone the wedding until the full moon, when he will see her. They are on the stoop, chatting, and Josh's sister Emily comes in, announcing she is confused by them, and maybe even a bit afraid, but she also likes the werewolves and vampire more than most people. And she won't let them delay the wedding, for, after all, this lesbian is wearing a dress! So in they go, and Aiden officiates the duo, with Kat and Emily standing up for them. Josh wrote his own vows, but had such a beautiful speech about how life is a series of accidents, and they were what brought him to her. Everyone is in tears, and Nora kisses him, jumping the gun a bit. She didn't write her own vows, and just tells Josh she loves him. They rush go out to the car, and drive off on their honeymoon, leaving a lesbian, a vampire, a ghost and a vampire's girlfriend to wave to them. Before she leaves, Emily goes in and blows out some candles, only to have them flare up as she leaves. Sally sees it and is frightened, but they go out when Aiden and Kat come into the house. While they chat about food, we see Kenny in the basement, looking unrecognizable. Cut to the kids on the honeymoon, with a sexy Josh kissing Nora, then mentioning going out to get some firewood. Nora refuses to conform to the idea her husband will cater to her like that, so she goes outside. Of course, Liam McLean is there, congratulating her. And the episode is over...

SyFy's Being Human Season 3 Episode 12 photo BeingHumanUSS03E12_0001_zps7e680d56.jpg

With only the season finale, don't forget to tune in at 9PM/8PM Central Monday night on SyFy! After all, will Liam try to get even with Josh and Nora for the death of his children? Has Donna come back to haunt the trio who caused her demise? Has the vampire virus made making new vampires to impossible? Hope we will find out next week in the finale! For more about the show, visit the official website here. You can purchase previous episodes from this season on both iTunes and Amazon. You can also follow them on Twitter, or like them on Facebook.

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