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SyFy's Being Human • 'Ruh Roh'

This is the season finale of Being Human, Season 3 Episode 13 of the SyFy Channel's version of the great series first produced on the BBC. Since the early episodes of the series, the SyFy version, set in Boston, Massachusetts, found a narrative of its own, allowing the ghost, the vampire, and the werewolf to step out of the shadowy constraints of the British original and find a life of their own. I love both series!

SyFy's Being Human stars Sam Huntington, Sam Witwer, and Meaghan Rath photo BHUSS03E13_001_zpse2dfa920.jpg
Left to right: Sam Huntington, Sam Witwer, and Meaghan Rath.

Last week, we were left with amazing mixed emotions as Josh and Nora married due to the insistence of his sister, Emily. They went on their honeymoon, only to be followed by Liam McLean. We know Liam has been relentless in his trying to find out who killed his purebred werewolf cubs Brynn and Connor. And while we know it was Nora who took out Brynn, we are also aware Aiden admitted to killing her while Liam was torturing him. Liam was also the wolf who returned the curse to Josh, as he was rescuing Aiden. And speaking of the sexy vampire, Aiden seemed truly happy dating Kat. So much so, he doesn't seem to notice that while Kenny lays in the basement, certain deformities are starting to appear. Of course, he was distracted not only by Kat, but with preparations for and officiating at the wedding, as well as joining Josh and Sally in her attempt to battle Donna for her soul. Yes, Sally's zombie life had ended, and her friends the werewolf and the vampire passed through the door to fight the practitioner of Black Arts. While Josh took on a reanimated Ray, Sally and Aiden went to battle with Donna, and eventually were victorious. Sally returned to being a ghost, clothed in the great dress Nora gave her just before her passing. But were they truly the winners? As people came and went in the house, the candles lit up, went out, all while Sally looked on frightened. What is next for our favorite supernatural trio? After all they have been through together, what is next?

SyFy's Being Human Season 3 Episode 12 photo BeingHuman-wedding_zpsa19d3ac7.jpg

As the season finale begins, we find Liam talking to Nora outside her honeymoon cottage, and soon they are joined by Josh. Nora tells him to leave, but he isn't budging. Liam is there to warn them that their belief in the vampire virus cure is misplaced. He wants them to go with him somewhere. And he pulls a gun to enhance the invitation... Back at the house, Aiden and Kat are sharing an intimate evening, with leftover reception food either being an aphrodisiac or a sinfully delicious foreplay toy.

 SyFy's Being Human Season 3 Episode 13 Ruh Roh photo BHUSS03E13_012_zpse6ae34c0.jpg

Sally pops in for a moment, disturbing Aiden. At first he tries to send Kat away to deal with Sally, but his lust gets the best of him. Upstairs in her room, Sally chats with herself on the bed. I mean, literally chats with her dead corpse. She seems to have a secret we have yet to hear about.

SyFy's Being Human Season 3 Episode 13 Ruh Roh photo BHUSS03E13_013_zps7b748f88.jpg

Nora and Josh follow Liam into what looks like an abandoned building, explaining they need to see something. Josh still cannot trust the man, and wished they had a phone to call Aiden, though Nora doesn't want to drag the vampire into this werewolf soap opera. They follow him into the empty building, not sure what is waiting for them. What he brings them to is a pile of bodies. They are vampires, after having drank werewolf blood. They are creating a new species. Back at the house, Aiden is in bed, naked with Kat, and he takes my breath away in a few of the shots. He starts to remember his life with his wife, and his son. He is still hiding from people, for fear of how they will react to his coming back from the dead.

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He is awakened by Sally, who needs him to see about Kenny. He is banging in the basement, and when he gets there, Kenny's head is deformed, swollen and pitted. Aiden tries to calm him. Back with the others, Liam is talking to Josh and Nora, and trying to take them into his pack. The resist vocally, with Josh and Liam getting heavy. Suddenly, Nora announces she killed Brynn. Back in the basement, Aiden and Sally try to sooth Kenny, who wonders aloud what he has become. He drinks blood from a hospital bag, and is angry and confused. Aiden is not sure what has happened, but wants to try to figure it out. Sally tries to help, but as they talk, they hear a scream upstairs. Aiden runs to the scream, recognizing it is Kat. She is up in Sally's room, looking at the rotting body in the bed. Aiden tries to explain, but is not sure what to say. Sally panics, slamming the door shut. Kat is freaked out, and runs out. Sally apologizes to him,but when he runs after Kat, she is gone.

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After the break, Liam shoves Josh and Nora into the fenced area with the bodies, and they start waking up. He gives them a wooden stake, wanting them to kill all the vampire mutants. One came after them, and Josh kills him. Then another, and the woman throws Josh aside before Nora stakes her. Josh then sees a can of gasoline, and wants to set the pile of bodies aflame. Back at the house, Aiden is talking with Kenny, trying to offer him wise words, although he can't quite come up with the answers. It reminds Aiden of a time with his son. The boy came to Aiden, to tell him the villagers had figured it out, and were calling both Aiden and his wife were the work of the Devil. Back in present day, Aiden and Sally talk about their desire for a family, and the mistakes they have made to try to get one. As they talk, Liam comes in, and shoots Aiden in the forehead. He has come to kill Aiden's "son", but the vampire won't tell him where Kenny is. Liam shoots him a few more times, and then hears Kenny yelling from the basement. Liam goes down there, and Sally appears near Kenny, and Aiden falls down the steps. Liam grabs a shovel, and smacks Aiden with it. He also stabs him with a pipe in the stomach. Then he breaks the shovel off, and moves to stake Kenny. Sally screams, and the handle bursts into flames. Josh and Nora come in, and Josh goes after the werewolf. Liam takes out Josh, and then Nora. While she is out on the floor, Kenny feeds from her. Liam makes a move to kill more, but Aiden grabs him and pulls him in to himself, impaling the purebred on the stake. He turns into the wolf, and dies. Everyone notices that Kenny is feeding, and pull him away, and Josh cradles his wife.

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They all wake up, and Aiden is drinking from a bag, looking out of sorts. Josh is sitting with Nora, who looks drained but alive. Aiden goes out, to see what he can do about Kat. But first Josh asks him about Kenny, and Aiden knows what he needs to do. But first, to deal with Kat. He goes to see Blake, hoping she can compel Kat to forget all she saw. Back at the house, Nora wants to talk to Josh about his relationship to his wolf, and how he not only didn't get to kill his maker, he showed no signs of wanting to do it. He agreed, talking about how recent history has changed him. Blake knocks on Kat's door, and enters her house. Aiden soon joins her, and Kat freaks out. She tries to call the cops, but Aiden stops her.

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After the break, Blake has compelled Kat to forget about seeing Sally's corpse, and to remember what a wonderful time she had at the wedding. She puts her to sleep, and leaves after reminding Adien he owes her a favor. He hugs Kat. Cut to the woods, and Aiden is walking with Kenny. The new vampire understands what is about to happen, but wants to talk. Aiden flashes back to colonial times, and the villagers murdering his wife. Aiden runs up with Isaac in his arms, and as the villagers attack and beat him, he tells his son to run. After Isaac is out of sight, he takes his revenge on the people. It ends with a primal scream, and Aiden back with a pleading Kenny. He grabs him like he did the preacher, but then looks into his eyes, and tells him to run. He lets Kenny run away.

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Back with the trio, Josh is burying Sally's body in her grave, and they walk away to give Sally a moment alone with her body. Once they were away, Josh asks about Kenny. Aiden lied, and told him the boy never had a chance. Back at the house, Aiden talks to Sally about things, and asks about them doing something together. They chat, and bring up last night was the first night Josh turned again. Sally brings up Kat, and Adien avoids answering, and leaves. Sally is alone in the house, and Donna is sitting on the stairs, and she talks to Sally, telling her they are linked. But Donna wants to leave the house, for Sally is too strong there. In fact, Sally, Aiden, and Josh are the strongest beings Donna has come across in a very long time. Sally threatens to fight back, but Donna pushes her down the steps once again, and the stoop begins to crumble. Quickly, Sally fights to climb out, but Donna pulls her back down. They disappear, and the stairs and stoop repair themselves, like nothing had ever happened.

SyFy's Being Human Season 3 Episode 13 Ruh Roh photo BHUSS03E13_011_zpsae9f6b73.jpg

After an exceedingly long commercial, we see Aiden walking down the street, alone and distant. Soon, a cab pulls over, and a beautiful women gets out, and seems to have her eyes on Aiden, and walks down the street. In the woods, Nora wakes up after being a wolf all night, and calls out to Josh. She walks a bit, and then she hears growling. She sees a huge wolf, and realizes it is Josh, with the blood of the purebred in him now. She is worried about her husband, and then the credits roll. As this was the season finale, we must now wait until the new seas begins on SyFy in the Fall! For more about the show, visit the official website here. You can purchase previous episodes from this season on both iTunes and Amazon. You can also follow them on Twitter, or like them on Facebook.

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