Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Ryan Amador • Define Me (featuring Jo Lampert)

Ryan Amadore - Define Me photo DefineMe001_zps3c8f8a1e.jpg
Jo Lampert - Define Me photo DefineMe003_zps751a2bd0.jpg Ryan Amadore - Define Me photo DefineMe005_zps228d53ea.jpg
Ryan Amadore - Define Me photo DefineMe004_zps9ed98502.jpg Ryan Amadore & Jo Lampert - Define Me photo DefineMe007_zpsc38d6501.jpg Jo Lampert - Define Me photo DefineMe008_zpsd0c814bf.jpg

I just wanted to share this beautiful, thought-provoking, and moving music video with you all. The song features Ryan Amador, a talented young gay singer/songwriter, and also features Jo Lampert, a talented lesbian singer. They come together on this song, "Define Me", written by Amador. The video, with stunning and strong visuals, was directed by Tom Gustafson, who also directed the award-winning films 'Were the World Mine' & 'Mariachi Gringo', and the founder of SPEAKproductions. It is just so great to see these three artists come together to raise their voices in support of the LGBT brothers and sisters, and giving everyone else the opportunity to help as well. Bur more on that later. First, enjoy this really lovely song.

The single is available on Ryan Amador's Bandcamp page. You can name your price for the single, and 100% of the revenue from "Define Me" will be donated to an organization that actively promotes social equality for LGBT citizens. You can find out more about Ryan Amador on his official website. You can also 'like' him on Facebook, or 'follow' him on Twitter. I noticed that he is also working on his first full album, which is scheduled for later this year. I look forward to that! Jo Lampert is a member of the Pop group Avan Lava. You can find out more on their official website.

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