Friday, April 26, 2013

Matt Gold • Void

Matt Gold - Void photo Void005_zpscf4f63a3.jpg
Matt Gold - Void photo Void001_zpsb32cc5c4.jpg Matt Gold - Void photo Void003_zps657ac154.jpg

Singer/songwriter Matt Gold has released his third music video, and proves once again to have a team that is loving the medium of video, and figured out how to make it love you back. After the videos for "Ordinary" and "Oh Joe", it should come as no surprise the video is visually interesting, and a natural complement to the song. "Void", like the songs from the previous two videos, can be found on Gold's debut album, 'Drown Before You Swim'. I loved the song, for it has such an aching quality, simply perfect for talking about the emptiness you feel immediately after love is lost, and a relationship ends. Shot in a lush Black & White format, the camera captures the most interesting aspects of Gold, and makes you see just how hurt he is, and just how handsome he is as well. Enjoy "Void".

I watch the video, and am moved each and every time, like it is telling my own life story. I bet if you shared it with your friends, they would say the same thing. You can find Matt Gold's album 'Drown Before You Swim' on iTunes and Amazon. To read the post featuring his music video for "Ordinary", click here. For the post about "Oh Joe", click here. If you would like to learn more about Matt Gold, visit his official website. He can also be found on Twitter and Facebook.

Matt Gold - Void photo Void004_zpscab9e618.jpg Matt Gold - Void photo Void006_zpsb5bce7f8.jpg
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