Wednesday, December 19, 2012

We The Ghost • White Noise

We The Ghost White Noise
Left to right: Matt McHan, Jimmy Dean Adams, Beau Tyler, Kris Stone, Jocelyn Hughes, Dain Samuelson.

When I first met We The Ghost, they were a trio getting set to release their debut, 'My Mixtape Summer.' Soon they were following that up with a live release, and the numbers doubled, as Beau Tyler, Dain Samuelson & Jimmy Adams were joined by Jocelyn Hughes, Matt McHan, and Kris Stone. Now they have stepped up with their second release of new material, when 'White Noise' hit the stands last week. The band has a sound that fuses the sounds of Pop, Rock, R&B, and Reggae, and continues on that vein to establish their signature, creating excitement.

We The Ghost

'White Noise' starts with "Let Me Know", a heartfelt song of love and devotion. There is a joyous feel, a real exhilaration. The next cut features another Tulsa, Oklahoma musician, Ben Kilgore. "Notice Me" takes on the sound closer to the indie rock sound, a melancholic self-examination, a desire to find a way to stand out. "Wash These Sins Away" features yet another Tulsa rocker, Rockwell Ripperger of the band Stephen Speaks. With words of conflagration and purification, the song looks for forgiveness, starting with themselves. Next up, "Drama Scene" cuts through with a harder edge, a bold guitar paired with the brusque percussive sound that drives the beat of the song. The song is a discussion of the relative simplicity versus the over-complicated sides of life. Finally, 'White Noise' come to an end with "Kiss Kiss Bang Bang". The sound has a more tradition rock groove, more power mid-tempo ballad than stadium energizer. The subject seems timely, with an examination of the brutal world in which we live. While there have been no videos made year, the band did post a quick compilation of 'White Noise' so you can enjoy a quick sample.

I am so glad to add more original music from We The Ghost to my collection. You can purchase 'White Noise' from iTunes and Amazon. You can learn more about the band on their official website, or can 'follow' them on Twitter, or 'like' them on Facebook.

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