Wednesday, December 12, 2012

David Geftakys • The Games We Play album

David Geftakys Games We Play COVER

The long-awaited new album from David Geftakys is finally here! Well, to be fair, it is only long-awaited because I have been following David closely, reading about his time in the studio to make this great debut. After all, it was just over a year ago when singer/songwriter David Raleigh told me I should check out a video from this California boy. Since then, I have enjoyed the music made by Geftakys, and couldn't wait for his first full-length album, 'The Games We Play'.

David Geftakys

'The Games We Play' is an eight-song collection, all from the voice of Geftakys. "Yeah, I wrote, recorded & produced all my own music and lyrics," David told me. "I mixed 6 songs with a friend & the other two on my own." The album kicks off with the track "And You", a song that immediately takes me back to the late 1980s, when U2 was mkaing great stadium Pop/Rock. The layered guitar-work speaks to me, as well as the haunted vocal. That is followed by the title track, a effusive Pop love song that warms your very soul. Check out the official video for "Games We Play".

Next we have the first of three songs also featured on the 2009 EP, 'Lines In My Hand'. "Say It All" steps up the rock quotient, with the electric guitar leading the driving beat. David's self-layered vocals are so on point, they lift you up to soar along side him. That leads to the fourth track, "Remembering How To Smile". Unlike the others, there is such a confidential feeling, almost confessional. It is soft, leaving the guitars to propel the song with sweet acoustic work, drawing the listener in close. "Crossroads Empire" is another new song, once again pairing the singer with his acoustic guitar. Lyrically this brings Bob Dylan to mind, and structurally reminds me of some of the great songs in the Lennon-McCartney songbook. Before I complete my thoughts, this might be a good time to give you a taste of the album, with this clip posted by David.

Next up, we have "Strange ". While never before released as an audio cut, this song was featured in a video after the song was inspired by the tumultuous news from across the globe a year ago. The song allows Geftakys, as well as the listener, to ask questions we all face when life's journey takes an unexpected detour. "Stellar Phoenix" shows Geftakys returning to his Rock roots, with the dark sounds of the distorted electric guitar crosses the line between Rock and Blues, like Jimmy Page is playing for Soundgarden. "Castaway" keeps the Rock progression, once again offering a layered and dense sound executed perfectly. I love the way Geftakys blurs the imagery of separation, both of the castaway and of those feeling left behind by society.

David Geftakys

You can find 'The Games We Play' on iTunes. On Amazon, you can purchase either a download, or the physical CD. But I should warn you, once you start listening to David's music, you might not be able to stop! To learn more about David Geftakys, visit his official website. You can also 'follow' him on Twitter, or 'like' him on Facebook.

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