Friday, December 7, 2012

Pandora Boxx featuring Shango • Nice Car!

Pandora Boxx Shango
Pandora Boxx Shango

This fine Friday morning I offer you the latest music video from one of my absolute favorites on RuPaul's Drag Race, the smart and funny queen known as Pandora Boss. The song was written by Shango, Pandora Boxx & Dublin Beats, with additional lyrics by Markaholic. The single and video were produced by Shango & Dublin Beats. Now, I offer a word of warming for those of you who might be watching from your office, or with the children. This video is definitely NSFW, as there are strong sexual overtones and some course language. Of course, that might be why I love it so much, but perhaps that is just me. And anyway, what would you expect from a song titled "Nice Car! (Shame About Your Penis)"? In it, Pandora meets up with the ladies of Shango, and a super-alliance is formed, with the women out to protect other woman from bad lovers. Oh, just watch and enjoy...

You can purchase this single on iTunes and Amazon. For more about Pandora Boxx, visit her official website. There you can see if Pandora might be performing in your neck of the woods.

Pandora Boxx Shango


  1. I think someone could devote an entire blog to songs/videos by RuPaul's Drag Race "stars"....:) and I kinda wish someone would (but not me)

    1. I'd agree, but am certainly not volunteering for the job, either. LOL



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