Sunday, December 2, 2012

Aretha's Gospel

Aretha Franklin - Songs of Faith

In keeping with my chilly winter theme this first weekend of December, I am pleased to visit once again with the magnificent "Queen of Soul", Miss Aretha Franklin. I found two songs, both of which can be found on her 1956 release, 'Songs of Faith'. Interestingly enough, it was her first recording, all taped when she was singing in the church at just 14 years of age. The first of those songs I am featuring is "He Will Wash You Whiter Than The Snow".

The other in another traditional spiritual performed to perfection by the young girl who would go on to be a great superstar. Listen as she sings "While The Blood Is Running Warm".

The album has been re-released under several names, as 'The Gospel Soul of Aretha Franklin', 'Aretha's Gospel', 'Precious Lord', 'You Grow Closer', 'Never Grow Old', and 'The First Album'. You can purchase it on iTunes and Amazon.

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