Wednesday, December 17, 2014

RightOutTV Music & Video Awards 2014 • Kevin Wood

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The winners of the 2014 RightOut TV Music & Video Awards were announced recently, proving what great music is being made by LGBT artists. Well, that was obvious when I saw the list of nominees, coming from all around the world. RightOut TV was founded by Marlee Walchuk and Tully Callender, devoted to the promotion of LGBT artists and their music all across the globe. The submissions are from many genre, from Rock to Country to Electronica. Once again this year, I was proud to be asked to be a judge, hearing some more great music and discovering a few new artists. But enough with all that. It is time to showcase some very deserving artists. Today I am thrilled to feature Kevin Wood.

I am a bit saddened to say this is the last post of winners from the 2014 RightOut TV Music & Video Awards. At the same time, I am excited, for I feel as though I have met several new artists I will be listening to for years to come. I can speak from experience because the winner of the Fan Favorite is someone I discovered when I was a judge for the 2013 Awards. He scored the award for 'Best Video So Far' in 2013 for 'Make It In LA', so I wasn't the only judge he made a mark with. Kevin Wood so impressed me, I needed to go out and find more of his music. Apparently, he resonated with many others, earning the Fan Favorite award for 2014.

That leaves the only remaining category, one I kept until the end much like the Grammy Awards do. 'Song of the Year' is an award that sounds impressive, mostly because it is impressive. There was no shortage of fantastic submissions, leading to six outstanding nominees. The list included several winner featured earlier in this series, like former 'The Voice' contestant Sarah Golden and "The One I Love", Martine Locke with "All My Days", Corday with her uplifting "Riding a Rainbow", Jane of Arc with "Run Flying", and Megan Lane, who took an earlier award with "Someday We Will Leave This Town". But the award went to Kevin Wood, his second for this year, this for the song "One Time Around". The Long Beach, California-based singer/songwriter featured the song on his album 'Out Among the Wolves' earlier this year, and I loved it right away. Without further ado, this is the song named 'Song of the Year', "One Time Around" by Kevin Wood.

As you could hear, the song is just so positive, so inspiring, I cannot resist it. You can find "One Time Around" on Kevin's album released earlier this year. You can purchase 'Out Among the Wolves' from iTunes, Amazon, and CD Baby. To learn more about Kevin Wood, visit his official website. You can also 'like' him on Facebook, and 'follow' him on Twitter.

I would also like to take the opportunity to thank RightOut TV for asking me to be a judge once again. I am honored to take part of the competition, and thrilled to discover artists who are new to me year after year. The talent in the LGBT community seems to have no limits, something the RightOut TV website proves all year round.

Marlee and Tully developed RightOut TV to help LGBT artists with promotion, as a way of giving back to the community. The couple are also a musical duo, making up Sugarbeach. They were kind enough to ask me to participate in the awards for the last few years as a judge. To learn more about RightOut TV, visit the RightOut TV website. You can also 'follow' them on Twitter, and 'like' them on Facebook.

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