Sunday, December 21, 2014

Chanticleer • Ave Maria

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I am strong enough to admit I am enough of a music geek to enjoy listening to chorale groups. One of my favorites is Chanticleer, the men's vocal ensemble started in 1978 to perform and celebrate the medieval and Renaissance music loved and studied by founder Louis Botto. I have several of their recordings, and am especially fond of the Christmas collections. It is on one of them that you can find the recording of the group singing Franz Biebl's "Ave Maria".

You can find this version of "Ave Maria" on the 'Fireside Christmas with Chanticleer'. It can be purchased from Amazon and the Chanticleer Online Store. You can also find the studio recording on 'Our Hearts Joy: A Chanticleer Christmas'. That album can be found on iTunes, Amazon, and the Chanticleer Online Store. To learn more about Chanticleer, visit the official website, You can also 'like' them on Facebook, and 'follow' them on Twitter.

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