Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Free DL - Gene Dante & the Future Starlets


Gene Dante and the Future Starlets are set to release their second single from The Romantic Lead, C*Star. You might remember them from earlier posts, here, and here. You can download a free MP3 to celebrate. Find out more at the end of the post.

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The Boston-based band has been playing some shows and impressing the critics. Ryanssmashinglife.com says "Once you see them perform live, it's impossible not to fall for their razor-sharp, high energy live performances. (So addictively catchy, and unbelievably well put together...!)" Waved Rumor liked them, saying "It’s theater, it’s rock. It’s Killers and Freddie Mercury in Bed Together." The Boston Herald was also impressed, stating "There’s a thrill in his drama-lounge delivery, sturdy melodies and on-the-money band, capable of handling anything from punk to power pop."


C*Star is a bawdy, in-your-face sexuality that starts with the first note and never quits. His style reminds me of Bowie during the Thin White Duke era, the Let's Dance CD in particular. There is never a frantic moment, there is an ease to the delivery, an inherent cool. Be warned, this video is not safe for work, but perfect for fun away from your desk.

To get the free download, right click here, and hit Save Link As. To find out more about Gene Dante & The Future Starlets, click here.

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