Friday, October 31, 2014

Happy Halloween! Boo!

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Clockwise: Mike Furey, Casey Stratton, Sir Ari Gold, and Kendall Kelly.

Today is October 31, 2014. That makes it officially Halloween, a day that was first celebrated in the mid-1700s. It was also known as All Hallow's Eve and All Saint's Eve, marking the evening before All Saint's Day.It is thought to have Celtic roots, and is based on some forms of Christianity. Today, it is mostly known as a chance to dress up in costumes of every variety, no matter your age. Whether you are trying to scare people, or making them laugh, it is a day celebrated by many. To get us in the mood a bit, I thought I would post some Halloween-themed music, or at least some that could be. The first song is a remake of a 1984 single from Ministry, an American Industrial Metal band. It was covered in 2006 by the Electronic Rock project based in New York City. Vocalist Mike Furey is the man behind the artistic direction of the band. This is Dangerous Muse with "Everyday Is Halloween".

You can find "Everyday Is Halloween" on iTunes and Amazon. My next song isn't really a Halloween song, but it works, at least for me. There is something hot, and sexy about "Blood" a great song off Casey's first album, 'Standing on the Edge'. It was the first song by Casey I really fell for, and I have been hooked ever since. This is Casey Stratton performing "Blood" on morning television, and managing to look and sound pretty damn great!

You can find "Blood" on 'Blood EP (Junior Vasquez Mix)', available on iTunes and Amazon. The gloriously bearish Kendall Kelly has been making music for a while now, and garnering quite the fanbase. It seems many respond well to his mixture of humorous songs with romantic ballads. The driving Electro-Dance beat keeps me moving, while the sexy images of Kendall keeps the attention of anyone who hits play. And before I delay you too much longer, perhaps you should be hitting the play button for Kendall Kelly's "Don't Even Know You're A Vampire".

You can find "Don't Know You're A Vampire" off the album 'Manifest Destiny', available for purchase on iTunes and Amazon. And speaking of vampires, I don't know if there is anyone I'd rather have nibbling my neck, and wherever else they'd like, than the gorgeous and talented Sir Ari Gold. That was certainly much on my mind in October of 2010, when he released the music video for "Make My Body Rock", on of the several great songs off his album 'Between the Spirit & the Flesh'. OF course, I must admit I have been a fan of Gold's music since I first heard "Wave of You" several years ago, and that was even before I'd see how sexy he is! Fast forward several years, and Ari is still looking as good, if not better than ever. Check out the music video for Sir Ari Gold's "Make My Body Rock".

You can find "Make My Body Rock" on Gold's 2012 album, 'Between the Spirit & the Flesh', available on iTunes and Amazon. And have a wonderful and scary Halloween!

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