Monday, October 20, 2014

David Raleigh • The Videos

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Later on tonight, I will be in New York City to attend the launch of the latest from David Raleigh, the wonderful singer, songwriter, and pianist. I first discovered Raleigh about four years ago, when he worked on a project with some very talented men, but I will get to that shortly. Once I heard him, I needed to hear more, so I soon found his solo stuff. Man, am I glad I did. His music is just as special ass the man is, and I can't get enough. You want to know much I love David? I will be traveling to see him, and will be missing one of my favorite guilty pleasures, 'Sleepy Hollow'.

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As I said before, I first found David by way of a project he worked on with some very talented men. David collaborated with Tony Award winner Billy Porter, the gifted Sir Ari Gold, and intriguing Alan Cumming on "That's What Friends Are For", a new look at the classic best remembered for the 1985 version by Dione Warwick and Friends, with Gladys Knight, Elton John, and Stevie Wonder joining Dione to raise money for AmFar. The song was written by Carole Bayer Sager and Burt Bacharach. Raleigh, Porter, Cumming and Gold revived it to also raise money, for the Ali Fortney Center, a New York City shelter for homeless GLBT youth. The song was produced by Nathan Leigh Jones. This is David, Billy, Alan and Ari with "That's What Friends Are For".

You can purchase the single from iTunes. I think the money will still go to the great cause. Watching this video, and purchasing the song, lead me to find other music by Raleigh, and I was able to do that fairly quickly. Not long on YouTube, and I had a great new music video I kept watching, time and time again. There is such joy and love emanating from the core of "I Do!", and I knew once again, I was addicted. This is David Raleigh with the great song, "I Do!".

I quickly found out that "I Do!" was just the first single off his recently released album, 'Beginning Again'. Once I found it, I purchased the album, and found a wealth of great music that warmed my heart, and inspired my soul. I was very excite when it was time for a second video to be released, and was thrilled it was the beautiful "One Together". The song is a stunning song that goes directly to the heart of love, and I just adore it. This is the official music video for "One Together".

I must admit, I was near giddy with excitement when I heard David would release "Do It To Me", the first single/video from the new album, 'The Equation of Love'. And once I heard it, I was understood why. The song once again as the joy and love I have come to expect from Raleigh's music, and more. It made me so eager to hear the rest of the album, and I am so glad that time is almost hear. This is the official music video for "Do It To Me".

This evening, I will be hearing many of the songs from 'The Equation of Love' played live, and be leaving with my own copy. For that, my friends, you can be jealous. Or you can join us! To learn more about David Raleigh, visit his official website. You can also 'follow' him on Twitter, and 'like' him on Facebook. You can find his music at your favorite online music stores. You can purchase 'Beginning Again' from iTunes and Amazon. Today is the official release date for 'The Equation of Love', and you can find it on iTunes and Amazon.

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