Friday, October 17, 2014

Double Duchess feat Future People • Good Girl Freak Out

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This post is filled with twice the fun as the usual one, thanks to my friend Jeff Dorta. He let me know that not only did the queer Electro-Hop duo Double Duchess have a great new music video for their song "Good Girl Freak Out" featuring the lovely and supportive Kelly Osbourne, but they are also offering the single for FREE for this weekend only, and it is well worth the download. The talented duo, known as davO & Krylon Superstar separately, worked with Future People on the song.

 photo DoubleDuchessGoodGirlFreakOutREMIXESCOVER585_zps6d7f8b11.jpg

Double Duchess has been stirring up the dance floor since joining creative forces in 2012. Their sound is so fresh, so new, a delicious combination of raw Electronica and driven Hop-Hop with a sly dose of camp to give just the right falvor. The Free download includes three different remixes of the song by some of the top DJs in the business. This would includes mixes from two Baltimore area DJ/producers, Lemz and Rar Kelly, ballroom house producer Divoli S’Vere, and NoSoul. But first, check out the music video directed by GB Ghuman, and featuring Ozzie and Sharon's purple princess. This is "Good Girl Freak Out" from Double Duchess, and featuring Future People.

To learn more about Double Duchess, visit their official website. You can also 'like' them on Facebook, and 'follow' them on Twitter. You can find their music on iTunes and Amazon. To get your FREE Download, visit their Soundcloud page.

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