Tuesday, June 14, 2011

SIRPAUL Is Going Down In La-La Land

Going Down In La-La Land

SIRPAUL™ took a few moments to chat about a new single, the theme to Going Down In La-La Land. I wanted to know what it was like to work on a film soundtrack. "This is the first time I've ever recorded a song for a motion picture soundtrack," he answered. "Its actually a really interesting story... Candy Apple Blue (the ElectroPop Rock Band comprised of the brother/sister duo Carly & Hoyt Emerick) wrote the song and had produced it as a more mellow, downtempo song and submitted it for the film. Casper Andreas (the director of the movie) felt that the original song was really strong but didn't fit the exact vibe of the movie. In a last attempt to get the song on the soundtrack, Hoyt & Carly hit me up and asked if I would do a remix of the song. I had previously remixed their song I Won't Say Adieu from Casper Andreas' film Between Love and Goodbye so we had "virtually" worked together previously but they completely trusted me to give it an extreme makeover on a 24hr deadline....luckily, they really liked what I came up with."

As a fan of SIRPAUL's music, I know he writes everything that appears on his albums. So, how was it singing a song that wasn't his? "This is the first time I've ever recorded a song someone else wrote," he said, confirming my suspicions. "There was originally another guy singing Going Down in La-La Land. He is Trym Killi and has a fantastic voice...so when Casper suggested that I re-record the song, singing it myself, I was really nervous! How was I gonna make it my own?? I was on a really tight deadline and in the middle of starting to tour so I just said yes, ran into the studio and made it happen. It took a lot of letting go but I'm always up for a challenge and I'm really proud of what Hoyt, Carly & I created together."


And, since I know SIRPAUL has managed to make such a strong visual statement with every project he is part of, from album covers to videos, I had to ask an obvious question, is there a video in the offing? "Yes, there is a video coming, it's finished and it looks beautiful" he explains proudly. "The video should premiere online next week! It was directed by Mark Odgers (who directed my video for Objectified) and contains some footage from the original motion picture along with scenes we shot on location in NYC around Lincoln Center in the middle of the night. We almost got arrested several times...it was fun!"

Going Down (In La-La Land) (Single Version) by SIRPAUL

Going Down in La-La Land now available on iTunes here. I got mine just after midnight, and am loving it! Now I am really looking forward to seeing the video next week! For more about SIRPAUL and his music, check out his official website here. For more about the movie, check out the official FaceBook page here. Keep an eye out, for it is starting to show up at festivals, including OUTFEST during LA Pride. To learn more about Candy Apple Blue, check out their official website here.

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