Tuesday, January 19, 2010

New Music - Amy Heffernan

Being Awesome is Amy Heffernan's first full-length release, released in the second-half of last year, in late August. Amy is a Canadian-born musician who spent some time in Los Angeles before returning to Alberta. Like her debut EP, the songs on Being Awesome were written by Amy, her brother, veteran singer/songwriter Doug Heffernan, and Steve Giles. The music is infectious Rock, much like Pink or Kelly Clarkson, with a stronger musicality. I couldn't help but think Pink meets Pat Benatar meets Melissa Ethridge, with a dash of Lady GaGa, adding the complexity of structure and lyric to the usual sugary Pop-Rock. The album opens with title song, which opens with the immortal words 'Right now I'm just a drink away from being awesome.' I mean, come on, we've all been there. The following videos were shot at shows at Molly Malone's in LA.

That is immediately followed by the rocking Can't Wait, a song focusing on the fun side of life, perfect to remember those nights at a beach resort. Knowing is a great song, a slightly darker sounding rocker, with a New Wave edge. Slowing things down a touch, the mid-tempo Over Again adds some pop elements, wedding the power ballad to a strident guitar sound. Another highlight on the album is I Do, a mid-tempo ballad about one of those late-night conversations with a lover.

I Do is followed on the disk by Just Dance, a cover of the Lady GaGa song, taking the electronics away to replace them with a more rough-hewn rock edge.

Next up is Used To Be A Light, a rocker with more of a Benatar sound, the electric guitar driving the rhythm. It has this satisfying current sound with the 80s flair. Word comes on next, slowing things down with another ballad, a story of loss and breakup, without the self-pity. That is when I realized the nice thing about Amy's music is she is a strong woman who knows herself, and refuses to play the victim. The Ethridge influence isn't so much the sound, but the attitude. She's a strong woman who can easily stand on her own. In fact, in the closing song, the ballad The Enemy, she tells a lover when breaking up to go ahead and blame her if you have to, cause she has the strength to carry it, even if they can't.

Being Awesome is available on iTunes here, and well worth the purchase. You can also find out more about Amy at her website here, or visit her MySpace page here. Here is one Canadian who could take over the airwaves in the States.


  1. Darling Howard -

    First of all - leave it to YOU to find these extremely talented artists before they hit the big-time. You truly have an ear (and an eye) for talent.

    WOW. Amy is simply wonderful!! And, I must say, I'm digging her Rocker Chick version of "Just Dance" ... maybe even more than the GaGa version?!? Could that be possible?!?

    Thanks for the heads-up. I'll be keeping my eye out for Amy Heffernan.


  2. I might have to check this out. Thanks for the heads up.

  3. You did it yet again. Thank -God you are bring new faces to the scene, because I'm sorry, you aren't hearing about them in the mags. I love Amy's sound! And I may be shot for this, but I love her cover of Just Dance better than Ga-Ga's! I agree with David. And I love a artist who is versatile sounding and can perform various types of sound and not mention she has some great style. See in the comment sections deary!

  4. David, thank you! I love her too.

    Kailyn, thanks for stopping by, and glad you enjoy her.

    Maddie, thanks! I hope I can get some artists noticed by a few people. The more they are heard, the more they might be purchased, and the more music might be in the future.



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