Thursday, April 2, 2015

Matt Gold • On The Way

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There has been much written, said, tweeted and posted about the supposed 'Religious Freedom' law signed into law by Indiana Governor Mike Pence. Sure, I have my opinion of what has unfolded, but what is even more important is the thoughts of an Indiana resident, like Matt Gold. Regular readers of the blog will know the music of this out and proud man from previous posts - I must admit I am a fan. But in the wake of the coverage of this bill, Gold has written a heartfelt and touching response, one that I felt compelled to share with you all. "I felt I had to write a song about what was going on in the state I have lived in for the past 20 years," Gold said on his Soundcloud page. "This is my way of hopefully helping the cause with positive reinforcement, sending a message of love, not hate." This is Matt Gold's "On The Way".

I just found this song to be lovely, and touched me on a deeper level than any amount of yelling could. He doesn't allow the conversation to be highjacked by tales of pizza parlors or Presidential primary hopefuls. Instead, he speaks for himself, and in the process, for so many others who won't stand for bigotry and hate. For those interested, I am posting the lyrics here.

"On The Way"
Lyrics and Music by Matt Gold

Light the fire
then slowly walk away
turn around
did anything remain
I have never been afraid of hate
I just won't have it
You've controlled our conscience
with demands
gave away our freedom
with your hands
even God himself
just wouldn't stand
for your waste
Go easy love
we need the love
to carry us through the day
go easy love
we need the love
to save ourselves
on the way
A coward only plays
a cowards game
did you get
your payoff and your fame
We shouldn't have to follow
in your shame
we just won't have it

To learn more about Matt Gold, visit his official website. You can also 'follow' him on Twitter and 'like' him on Facebook. While "On The Way" is not available for purchase, you can find his most recent release, the EP 'Let It Out', from iTunes, Amazon, and CD Baby.

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