Friday, April 6, 2012

Sir Ari Gold • My Favorite Religion

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I thought the perfect way to kick off this Easter weekend would be with the latest video from Sir Ari Gold, My Favorite Religion. That is the latest track off the amazing album, Between the Spirit & the Flesh. As always, Ari gives good video. Watch as he debates the relative merits of faith and love, which could very well be the great debate of all times, between the spirit and the flesh. With Sir Ari i the equation, it would be surprising if the spirit ever wins... Enjoy My Favorite Religion.

For more about Sir Ari Gold, visit his official website. You can purchase Between the Spirit & the Flesh on iTunes and Amazon. In truth, you could buy any of Sir Ari's albums; Ari Gold on iTunes or Amazon, Transport Systems on iTunes, or Space Under Sun on iTunes or Amazon; no matter which, listen and they'd all make you happy.

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  1. Wonder Man, it most certainly is. I really do love Ari's music.

    Chasmatazz, I hear you. Ari makes it so damn easy to love him.



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